Sunday, February 01, 2009

2.1.09 - February already

Hard to believe today is the first day of the second month of 2009 - already!

Sue and Mike gave me a lovely Christmas present- Dinner and a Show! I got the card in December and it was redeemed this weekend!

Saturday morning, I headed to their home. Early afternoon, Sue and I set out for the Lincoln Theater to see Arena Stage's production of I Love a Piano - a lovely musical filled with the words and music of Irving Berlin. A cast of six performed the songs of Irving Berlin in a series of themed segments as they followed the life of a 1910 Piano -- beginning with the sale of the piano to Alexander's Music Shop in 1910 through the show stopping There's No Business Like Show Business. It was a lovely piece of musical theater.

Following the show, Sue and I headed to Union Station and dined at a fabulous restaurant - B. Smith's Restaurant. The Creole, Cajun and Southern cuisine offered at this historic location offered something for everyone. Sue had the Swamp Thing and I had lamb chops and we were treated royally. I would recommend it to anyone wanting an elegant menu with down home flavors served by the attentive and friendly wait staff.

Bright and early (for me anyway!) Sunday morning, Sue and I headed over the 22nd HAP Put-Together. We had a hand in designing a few of the 287 afghans laid out to be crocheted together and sent off to our wounded warriors. See the HAP link in my side bar for more information on this wonderful group.

Heading home, I found my family room occupied by a few young adults hanging out to watch the Super Bowl. I offered up the standard game fare of wings, cheese sticks, chips and dips of various sorts. The college guys did their laundry while chowing down and watching a great game. I helped put out the food I brought home and then retired to my sanctuary to check in on my e-mail and favorite websites. I ventured to the family room for the exciting last few minutes of the game.

College guys have gone back to the dorm. Their friends have gone home. The young adult that lives here has retired to his sanctuary. I can hear the familiar strains of some car chase video game emanating from the closed door. At least he hasn't cranked up the bass of the surround sound because Mama Bear is about ready for my slumber and that would annoy me immensely!

Not much crafting was accomplished this weekend, but that is okay. It was a wonderful weekend filled with fun and friends and fine food!

Just a note to my commenters ... thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for my Mom and me. I appreciate your care and concern. We'll have some rough days, but I think Mom is feeling as positive about her prognosis as she can feel and we will get through.

Until next time.

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Robbyn said...

Glad to hear you had suxh an enjoyable weekend - you certainly deserved it!

I spent yesterday working on a mitt and pretending I've never heard of football :)