Friday, February 06, 2009

2.6.09 - Good on Friday

Good things this Friday:

My aunt stopped by to visit with my Mom today. Aunt drove up from Florida for her MIL's 95th Birthday party on Sunday. Mom and I are going to the party, too. But it was nice that my aunt could stop and visit with her big sister on the way.

My sister is coming to visit for a few days the week after Mom's surgery. To visit with Mom, help her out and to give me a break from nursing duties. I can't wait to see her!

My other Aunt is coming to visit for a week in March. If all is going well with Mom's recovery, this visit may coincide with the beginning of Mom's radiation treatments. This will help us all, as my aunt would be able to take Mom to some of the treatments and I'd be able to put in full days at work. Mom gets a little stressed when she thinks she is usurping my leave time. I have it to use, but she doesn't want me to use it on her!

My younger son came home to help with the housecleaning. We'll be spending a lot of quality! time on Saturday, culling and rearranging the storage areas in the basement, so that we can move things that are hanging around the dining room and second floor landing into newly formed storage areas in the basement.

The cleaning weekend is to prepare our cluttered 'public' areas for the Merry Maids to deep clean on Monday. Mom will be less stressed by a totally clean house. We anticipate a number of visitors to our home that may have never been here before... Mom would be worrying about hidden dust bunnies and clutter and such if we didn't prepare now and worry and stress are two things she doesn't need affecting her recovery.

Older son is taking steps to help himself get out of the rut he's been in. This is a good, good thing.

I've started a pair of Socks for Soldiers. It's really a swatc, to be sure I'm using the right needles, but I started as if it were a pair so IF I get gauge with the needles I'm using, I'll be well on the way to sock #1. I find that my gauge swatch has to be in the same size and style of knitting to be accurate. If I had done a 4x4 swatch I would have been knitting flat rather than in the round and my gauge is different with each method. I've gotten about an inch done. I think I need two inches or more to measure accurately, though I've done some spot checking on this one inch and it seems to be right so far.

The frigid temps of yesterday and earlier this week are giving way to a warmer weekend. Mid-50s are expected on Sunday. So, Sunday after Granny's party I can actually do a little work on the front garden to make the outside of the house a little more acceptable than the cold weather has allowed up to now.

Until next time.

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Wendy said...

Hope you got all done that you wanted to get done...Have a great time at the party and enjoy the warmer weather and time outside...Always in my thoughts and prayers....