Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2.3.09 - taxing

One tax return down. Three to go.

Younger son worked only one job last year. His was the easiest to do. TurboTax offered free Federal e-filing. Federal is filed and State return will be mailed on Saturday. He is chomping at the bit for his refunds. He has been unable to find a job at school thus far and could really use the money.

Mom has some dividend income which is, in theory, taxable. It rarely is because it is a bunch of little annuities and the total ends up being below the amount that requires a tax payment. She doesn't get any back, because she hasn't paid any. She doesn't owe any, because the income is too small. But she has it, so she has to report it. Hers will be next. Once she remembers where she put all the envelopes.

Older son worked two or three jobs and lived in two different places. We are still tracking down the W-2s sent to his former address. I'd really like to see them because I can't do mine until I see his. If he made less than $3500, I get to claim him as a dependent. The one he has received here covers the biggest part of the year. I'm hoping the one(s) from earlier in the year added to this one come in under $3500 -- because I have definitely been providing greater than 50% of his support, whether he made more or not... Obviously, the IRS doesn't care how much it really costs to support someone.

Truth be told, I really wish he made enough to support himself. But he didn't -- so, it would nice for the total to be such that I can claim him this year, all the while continuing to pray that he makes much more this year and can support himself!

I am also waiting for my last bit of information. I thought it would arrive today. But today's mail was only junk mail. Soon, I hope. Because I could use my refund too! :)

Ahhh, the joys of tax season.

Until next time.

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