Sunday, February 08, 2009

2.8.09 - 95 years

Mom and I went to a Birthday Party today. The Birthday Girl turned 95 years old yesterday. She is sharp as a tack and has a firm handshake. I hope I am as aware and strong and well-loved when I am 95! Heck, I hope I make it to 95!

Granny, as she is lovingly called by all, is my Aunt's mother-in-law. The house was filled with family, extended family, and friends. And, so all could enjoy the multitude of porches, one off of just about every room of the house, the weather was delightful - reaching almost 70 degrees. Apparently, the warmth and sunshine show up for Granny's days frequently. The day they celebrated her 90th birthday was sunny and 70, too! :)

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trek said...

Got your email but I'm not sure which "Kathleen" you are (which email you are, that is).

What a yummy looking cake!