Thursday, October 16, 2008

The winning is good.

The sore throat? Not so much. I've just finished day one of the medicine. Hopefully, the infection, and thereby the pain, will begin to abate soon.

On the winning... Mom says I should buy a lottery ticket. I say, "If good things come in threes, I'm out of luck. I've already won three things" :)

Most recent win:
CELTIC THUNDER! I was one of the four names pulled out of the bowl on This Eclectic Life! I'll miss the fashion show and dinner at Stitches East, but Mom and I will get to see this phenomenal group!

Previously, even though I was a giant fail on completing anything in the Seasons of Lace to qualify for any of the judged or category prizes, I WON a Random Joy drawing -- two patterns of my choice by Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist.

I chose Leda's Dream and Scheherazade, in case you are interested!

hmmmm.... I thought there was one more. Maybe I should go buy that lottery ticket!


This Eclectic Life said...

Buy ME one, while you are at it. Get feeling better soon. I tried to help :-)

Cindy said...

Get well soon! And, congrats. I didn't enter just so you would win;--)

Bounty Hunter said...

Glad you won the tickets. I hope you enjoyed the show. Did they sing this song during their performance?

It is based on a TRUE incident that occurred during World War I, and is so beautiful and SO SAD.

Also, since it is the Christmas season, you might want to listen to this song:

The vocalist was only 16 when she recorded it, and she has the voice of an angel. The piano work is also great.