Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Celtic Thunder is a Fabulous, Fabulous, Marvelous group of five men. Well, one of them is a mere 14 years old, but Man what a voice. Their voices are phenomenal and their staging is inspired. I watched their PBS show a while back and was mesmerized. My mother was too.

We'd love to go see them when they come to Baltimore on November 7th (though I'll miss some of Stitches East if I do!). Perhaps they are coming to a venue near you? Check out their tour schedule and go enter the contest if you'd like. Or don't, so I have a greater chance to win! :)

From their website:
Celtic Thunder is a new group and concert special featuring five Celtic male vocalists: Paul Byrom (age 28, Dublin, Ireland), George Donaldson (age 39, Glasgow, Scotland), Keith Harkin (age 20, Derry, Northern Ireland), Ryan Kelly (age 28, Moy in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland) and Damian McGinty (age 14, Derry, Northern Ireland). Taped August 2007 at the Helix in Dublin, the group’s debut performance is a celebration of Celtic heritage and men—their loves, attitudes, individuality, power and strength, throughout life’s journey.

I saw it and it was breathtaking! If you can't get to the concert, you should definitely check your PBS listings for re-broadcasts!

Here's a YouTube taste:

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