Monday, October 20, 2008

My third win...

The other day I suggested that, if good things come in threes I should by a lottery ticket. I thought I had won three things, but couldn't remember the third thing. I figured it was a false memory. So, today I bought a Powerball ticket. Yippee!

Oh, but wait, the prize from my third winning event was in today's mail. No false memory. A dollar bill goes fluttering down the highway -- thrown away with reckless abandon on a fool's errand

Well, anyway - on to my win.

I made donation in memory of my father to The Jimmy Fund of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute supporting Carol of Mad for Knit in the 1/2 Marathon she ran on October 12, 2008.

Carol had a contest amongst her donors. I was one of the winners. I won a lovely skein of Bonnie's Bamboo Sock Yarn. The prizes were first announced here. The winners were announced here.

When I opened the package today, I realized this was my third win (though it may have been the first chronologically). But where did it come from? I had tried to find the third bit of correspondence before I posted about winning a few days ago. Yet here was the yarn and I couldn't remember. Well, I renewed my efforts and finally tracked down the messsages -- on Ravelry!

I had been looking in my Yahoo! e-mail account for an message I might have sent to someone that contained my address. But Carol and I corresponded on Ravelry, not Yahoo! Duh! I forget what a great resource that place is!

Do you belong? No? You should join. Especially if you knit or crochet or weave or spin! :) Ravelry


Marcia said...


about ravelry, i belong but find it entirely intimidating. my poor little brain hasn't been able to get it all figured out yet. i'm sure it's simple enough, but that doesn't always mean i'll get it in a timely manner. :)

finnime said...

You do have many winning ways. That's wonderful.