Saturday, October 04, 2008

This and That on a Saturday

The first this:

I'd like you to visit (and comment, if you will) on a blog started by a young man I know. This young man graduated from high school last June with my younger son. Instead of going to college this Fall, he headed off to Malawi , in South Africa, to help with the Peanut Butter Project. He started the blog, in part (mostly?), to satisfy his parents' need to keep in touch. I've found it fascinating and I hope you will too.

Billy is Away In Malawi. Please stop by and visit with him.


and a that:

Older son finally got his learner's permit so he could finish his driving class. He finished the classroom portion, but needed his learner's permit to get the 6 hours of instructor drive time to get his certificate so he can get his real license. He finally seems motivated about this. He volunteered to cover two different shifts this week... because he needs money to get a car! :) Yippee! He's slow to the table, but when he gets there he goes for it!


and another this:

This weekend begins my fall clean up (so I'm on the internet avoiding it! HA!). Anyway. Younger son needs some $$ and he can't get a job on campus because he doesn't have a GPA, being a first semester freshman. He can't get a job off campus because his driver's license is suspended for 30 days because of excessive speeding and many points, so he can't drive to a job. I offered some recompense for his assistance this weekend.

He's going to help me organize the Christmas overflow in the basement so I can sell things on eBay or have yard sale or something. He'll get a percentage of the take. AND he'll mow the lawn on Sunday, for the immediate cash incentive. (though I will probably advance something on the take as well! :))


and another that:

I'm also trying to sort and cull the yarn stash. I'll be doing some donating, perhaps some selling, but definitely identifying and organizing.


It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Hope it's lovely wherever you are!

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Stacey said...

Sounds like a busy day in your neighborhood, especially your house. I visited the Malawi! What a young man! Thanks for sharing.