Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, it's Wednesday.

Some of you know that Monday was an important doctor's appointment for my mother and me. It was to talk with her doctor about the results of some tests conducted to rule out certain things that might have been causing her memory loss and lack of spark and confidence. The doctor suspected a particularly insidious condition that afflicts the elderly, mostly, and the results of these tests would rule out everything but this insidious condition... and they did. So, she's got it - Alzheimer's Disease. Early, early stages, but the path is set. Medications can slow the progression, but there is no cure.

It is hard to see right now. It's just the little things. Unfortunately, they add up to some mighty big things. She is still fully functional. She just forgets you had that conversation, two, three, four times already. She is beginning to put things where they used to belong - in her old house - and just sometimes. When asked a direct question, she sometimes comes up completely blank or looks puzzled, as if she doesn't understand the question. Small things, when gathered together, look like big things. Things that were enough to concern me, to concern her doctor and her sisters and my sons and her friends... so There You Have It.

I've been debating sharing this here. I'm not looking for sympathy. It will be a part of my landscape for some time to come, so I thought I should put it out there, and not try to hide the 1000 lb gorilla in the room.

I'm cranking up my research so I know where we might be heading. Both of us will be finding resources through our Office of Aging and the Senior Centers down here in the County. Her doctor suggested support groups for both of us. It's a very good idea. I'm thinking we'll need them more a little farther down the road than now, but getting established early is a good thing.

Phew - got that off my chest!

Now to share some GOODIES!

My SP12 Pal continues to spoil me. Do you think she knows I need to lose weight and keep my strength up? Look what she sent:

Nah, I'm just joking! She DID send me the box... but is was filled with these lovelies:

Yarn, needles and pattern for a Quickie Cowl and delicious nutty, salty, nougat-y candy! :)

Thank you, Secret Pal! It was a delight to get some fun mail today. Of note, my SP12 mailed this from the West Coast on Monday and it arrived at my door on the East Coast on Wednesday!!!! WooHooo for the West-to-East Postal Employees!


Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

On the topic of the doctor's results, I believe you are doing the best thing by being pro-active with knowledge and resources.

As for the box...I cannot move like the lady does in the dvd. It's too funny trying to get my hips to roll. hee-hee

I plan on making the Quickie Cowl myself, as soon as I get my vest finished. Hmmmm, hopefully soon.

Yes, the West-to-East Postal Employees are the best. I sent it regular post, not priority. Not bad at all.

Wendy said...

I was praying that the test results would not show that...
I am here if you need to chat or vent...You will all make it through this I have faith..and I am so glad that you will check out the support groups now so that when you REALLY need them, you will not feel so out of it...Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do.....
My thoughts and prayers will be with you all..........
BIG HUGS...........

Robbyn said...

Ahh hell...just what we didn't want to hear. You and your mom have all the hopeful thoughts I can muster and I'll be sending them down to you regularly.

Please Kathleen - let me know if there's anything I can do!

Carla Willingham said...

Just keep making memories for you. This is a really rough disease, but even rougher on the families. Hang in there and look for a support group to help you get through this.
:D Carla