Sunday, July 13, 2008

My weekend wrap-up

Have you ever noticed that events you like to attend all seem to fall on the same weekend? You can go weeks without an opportunity to go out and do something fun and/or fulfilling only to find all the things you want to do happen on the same weekend, leaving the others empty and needing to be filled? Happens to me ALL the TIME!

If I plan something I want to do, suddenly there are three or four things I want to do at the same time or at an overlapping time or just on the same weekend... then I have to make choices. This weekend was sort of like that. I chose two of the several things I could have done. The next two weekends? Nuttin' honey!

The two events I attended were planned well in advance of the weekend and I knew it would be busy. These were things I really wanted to do, so while I am one tired puppy, I had a lot of fun! I was also invited to go to the movies with some friends on Sunday afternoon. Sadly, I had to decline because one more thing would have been one thing too many!

I also have no pictures, except of one sock


which I finished last night. Second to be cast on this evening, if I don't fall asleep!

As I was saying - This weekend was filled with events I wanted to attend and DID!

Saturday, after some cleaning and grocery shopping, I prepared my supplies for a night out with my Creative Memories rep. She was a fabulous room at her home set aside for cropping and scrapping. Almost every month, she has a get together and invites her customers to enjoy some uninterrupted cropping time. Since this is about the only time I get to sit and scrapbook, I love to go. For this month's Crop, we all brought dinner contributions. We cropped and chatted and ate and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves from 4 - 10 pm!

This left me a little bit tired for my Sunday plan - the 19th Put Together Event for The Handmade Afghans to Thank our Armed Forces Project (aka HAP). Over 65 people participated in person today with many, many more contributing supplies for the event. Over 19,000 6"x9" rectangles were available for the volunteers to lay out afghans for assembly by even more volunteers. Each afghan requires 49 rectangles and the color combinations and designs were as diverse as the group! It was a fabulous day and the energy of the room kept me going through my tired spell. I very reluctantly got out of bed at 7 AM (am NOT an early weekend riser!) to get on the road in time to get there to help. From 9 AM - 3 PM, the tireless volunteers designed 252 afghans to be crocheted together, washed, folded and delivered to a number of military medical facilities.

It is a well-organized event, an all volunteer, grass-roots group of men and women putting together something special for our wounded warriors.

If you feel so inclined, help is always needed - from knitters and crocheters to designers; to cooks and rectangle checkers and table setters and more. Check it out at the link above or on my sidebar.

Hope your weekend was all it could be! Mine was!


Wendy said...

Hello...I was just wondering who your Creative Memories rep is...My mom has a cousin who is one, her name is Sherry Polen...It would be just so neat if she was your rep...
Jack is on his way there, he is going to Williamsport, and then back.
Hope you get some rest...

Robbyn said...

Sounds like you had a full (and fulfilling) weekend. I'm looking into the afghan project - I think that's something I might like to bevome involved with.

Your sock is looking pretty spiffy!

Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

The postman is near! Have a great Wednesday!