Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's been a day...

And it was delightful to come home to a Secret Pal package!

After shuttling son to work, mom to the doctor, mom to the store, son from work and working in between at my real job... I was one tired blogger.

But - I want to share the lovelies sent to me by my Secret Pal 12 spoiler:

Yarn, pattern and needles to make Monkey Socks. Yogi Tea Green Tea and an article about the efficacy of the tea. Fabulous candy (all consumed!). Needle protectors and (not pictured) a cute, cute notepad. Somehow, the notepad missed its photo op!

It helped brighten my day. Thank you, SP12 spoiler. You are doing a grand job!

Oh, and my pal asked if I remember Laugh In! I say, "You bet your sweet bippy, I do!"

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