Sunday, March 05, 2006

Phew! Today I finished...

... all the things I should have finished a week ago. And a couple more!

All 10 booties are done and ready to send to be matched with the 10 hats sent by another on Friday.

Three wound warmers are ready to post.

Two 12" squares are ready to go (this are the extra things!) to be added to the 12" squares of others to create comfortghans for those in need of comfort - for whatever reason.

Tonight, I complete the edge on my friend's baby blanket (and whatever else I pick up) as I watch the annual {how-much-skin-can-I-show-and-still-end-up-on-TV} Oscars presentation. It will be interesting to hear/see a new host - Jon Stewart - though I really enjoyed the years of Billy Crystal's singing intro.

Tomorrow starts party duty in earnest! I've been receiving requested scrapbooking items from family and friends. I will have to begin assembling a few pages so that I can present the 'ungoing gift of memories' at the party! I also have to get the rooms ready for carpet shampooing. And I have to paint one wall that has been patched. And I have to reorganize the storage area in the basement (since it is spilling into ALL the areas of the basement!)

I have to pack up all my partial skeins. My full skeins. My looms and hooks and needles. And file all the paper and get into a less cluttered frame of mind!

I have two weeks. I can do it! Even if I couldn't do 23 items to win a gold medal in the olympics - I CAN DO THIS!

[maybe if I say it often enough - it will be true!]

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