Monday, March 20, 2006

Phew! It is done! And it was Mah-velous!

Mom's birthday is today - the First Day of Spring! She is a 70-year-young Spring Chickie!! :)

Her birthday party on Saturday was a smashing success!

I have never given a party where EVERY SINGLE RSVPing person actually arrived - but they did (and then some!) on Saturday. When giving the caterer our final count, I had counted in my non-RSVPing cousins and they came. I had counted in some last minute RSVPs and they brought someone extra with them. I had not counted in an RSVPing couple that always RSVPs and never shows up! EVERYBODY came. So, we were a few Chicken Kievs short, but there was plenty of ham, veggies and potatoes for everyone. :)

And DESSERT? Oh, My! A simply scrumptious Trifle that was as pretty as it was delicious; Homemade carrot cake that was too tasty for words; And the most flavorful butter cream icing cake that the Safeway bakery could produce!

We Ate. We Laughed. We Cried. We Toasted a Life well-lived.

And, though the party was not a surprise, it couldn't have been a real party without a few surprises. An old friend and the adult children of a best friend that passed away a few years ago brought Mom to tears of joy.

Mini-overwhelming moments caused by surprise are okay for a 70-year-young person. I am so glad that sis and I did not plan Major Surprises!

I just have to say having the party catered was our best idea ever!!!!

Now, I can relax for a bit and get back to crocheting, knifty knitting, and - just maybe - REAL knitting! :)

I have three sets of booties and caps promised by March 31. One cap is done. I will have six hours this week, while I sit in Annapolis and wait for my son, to work on stuff. So, I'm sure I can accomplish this with no trouble, especially since it took just an hour to make the one I made!

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Dorothy said...

Glad to hear the party was a success. Happy Birthday!

Good luck with knitting. Just remember that the yarn loops around the needle counterclockwise, always. Many instructions are vague and say things like "loop from forward to back" or other such nonsense. I was knitting wrong and frustrated for several months before I got that straight.

Caterers rock. Now if I could just afford one nightly...