Thursday, March 02, 2006

KO let down? Or Spring Fever?

The Olympics are over. I have one more pair of booties to put together and then I'll mail them off on Saturday. I am feeling less than ambitious about my next endeavors.

I think the problem is - I have SOOOO many required tasks to complete in the next two weeks, I have little time for the fun, diverting things I might like to do. Yet I take the time!!!

For example, right now, I should be doing my on-line bill paying. That was my intent when I sat at this computer.

But, am I doing that? No-o-o-o-o!

I'm reading and responding to e-mail.

I'm checking out your Blogs.

I'm updating mine!

Anything besides paying those bills!

I'll sign off now because, really, I do have a lot of things to do... things I don't want to do... things I do want to do... So many things that I really don't know where to start!

Flylady, take me away!

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