Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Evening. Waiting for the Pizza Guy!

I've spent the day planning! Planning my mom's 70th Birthday Party invitation (party is planned, invitation is now ready, no paper to print it!). Planning a painting project for the stairwell (railing broke, made a hole in the wall, patching and painting needed before guests arrive on 3/18 for the 70th birthday party!). Planning the next items to be finished in my knitting / hooking / looming Olympics debut (see PAS, below). And, finally, re-planning my plans for the long President's Day weekend (see next paragraph).

My plan for the weekend included having my two sons help me (1) clean up the boxes, cartons, plastic containers of Christmas stuff and organize them in the storage area; (2) clean the 3 baths/1 kitchen from top to bottom; and (3) vacuum all the downstairs area. Well, the items in No. 1 are all piled up - but not in the storage area and certainly not organized. No. 2 is about 1/5 the way finished and No. 3 can't happen until No. 1 is accomplished. So, what happened to unplan my plans? A free trip to Ski Liberty for younger son and, given the decided lack of really cold weather and snow around here this winter, I couldn't, in good conscience, say "No!" to a free trip to the small mountain. Having younger son back out put a damper on getting older son to step up to the cleaning arena.

Hence, re-planning took place and Nos. 1 through 3 will be accomplished tomorrow! (I hope, I pray, I really, really want!)

I accomplished the 1/5 that was done on No. 2 of today's foiled plan; hit the Ace Hardware 20% off sale for paint and supplies to fix up the stairwell; sorted laundry into four loads and have one in the washer/one in the dryer; stopped by WalMart for TurboTax software and paper to print Mom's invitation - got TurboTax, still need to get the paper; now I'm waiting for the Pizza guy so I don't mess up the kitchen counters and stove that I cleaned in my 1/5th accomplishment!

Oh, and I did finish the second overly large baby sock. There is now a pair of overly large baby socks for an as-yet-unknown large footed babe. I also crocheted a few rows on a baby blanket I am making for a co-worker. I fed my PAS (Pattern Acquisition Syndrome) by finding some new patterns for hats and blankets and by buying the Knifty Knitter II booklet of patterns at WalMart. $.97 + tax at WalMart; $4.99 + $5 shipping with some eBay seller last week. {note to self: ALWAYS check local stores before buying on eBay! }

No pictures today... all that planning didn't lend itself to the photographic arts. I did finish one thing today - my son's tax return. He'll be so excited. He'll be $100+ richer for a few minutes in a few weeks! :)

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Dorothy said...

Sounds like you still got a lot done. I always feel that way when the kitchen is freshly scrubbed also. Good luck with getting more done today. Is DS gone for the weekend or just the day. (I don't know how far Liberty is.)

You got your links section edited too. Now we just have to take the time to get buttons working. My son asked me "did you start a blog just so you could get a gold medal!"