Monday, February 13, 2006

My "Knitting" Olympic Project(s)

Just before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics, I discovered the Knitting Olympics - a knitting challenge to commence during the Opening Ceremonies and to come to an end at the Closing Ceremonies ~~ celebrating the drive, the determination, the dexterity, the - what other D words described athletes? oh, yes! ~ the determination (oh, what a minute, I already used that one. Well, it is a good one! :)) of world class athletes sent to test their mettle in Torino, Italy.

I didn't officially sign up on any team. See, I don't officially knit! I guess I would be considered an exhibitionist! (No, silly, not THAT kind of exhibitionist! Sheesh!) You know, an exhibition sport. One that gets showcased at the Olympic games but hasn't found an 'official' spot/sponsor/support system!

Anyway -- one day, I was strolling -- drooling, really -- through the yarn aisles at my local Michael's store. I came across these really nifty gadgets. I had read about them on some of the charity crafting groups at Yahoo! Goups - like bevs-charity-challenge - but I had never seen them. Then - I heard about others, like the ones CinDWoods sells. There were patterns to be found - to feed my PAS (pattern acquisition syndrome). There were yarns to be KNITTED! But not on the traditional pointed sticks that often frustrated me in the past - these were round. These were pegged. These were Knifty Knitters!!

Knifty Knitters are plastic. They are sold individually or in sets (that's what I bought - a set of four different sizes - the third largest is in the picture!). The finished Knifty Knitted product is thick, warm, and KNITTED! CinDWood's looms are wooden with acrylic pegs, and the most comfortable yarn pick available! They are beautiful and versatile and I can't wait to get started on the booties I can make with them....

Oh, that brings me back to my exhibition sport... you see, I really crochet. That's what I do best. Sort of like Tigger and his bouncing... crocheting is what I do best... BUT - the object of the knitting olympics is to do something Challenging ~~ in Knit. Something that will take you 16 days to do. Something Different ~~ in Knit. So, my CHALLENGE is to Knifty Knit (or really Knit - I bought two sets of needles and some yarn for a scarf!) five wound warmers to send to Soldiers Angels; 6 booties and 6 hats to send to local Maryland Hospitals ~~ a total of 23 Items ~~ using different techniques (so I can really LEARN the art of Knifty Knitting) !

To date, I have completed 2.5 wound warmers (the sand/variegated ones shown above and another) on my Knifty Knitters. Though I must confess - while waiting for the little CinDWoods looms, i.e. preemie set, I ordered, I crocheted three sets of booties... So, I still have 2.5 wound warmers to complete and all 6 set of booties and hats left to Knit before the closing Ceremonies - 23 items total - I can do it!

If Shaun White can come from the back of the pack and win Olympic Gold... If Hannah Teter can bring home the Gold after missing the Opening Ceremonies because of cortisone treatments to treat her knee injuries -- then I can accomplish 23 items in my exhibitionist knitting debut!

I have learned the basics of Knifty Knitting (challenge #1). I have learned the 1 knit/1 purl rib stitch (challenge #2). I have learned the chunky braid brim (challenge #3)... and I have many more challenges to face - like the heel of a baby bootie! My goal is challenging for me, but it does not fit the rules of the games - one challenging item, like a sweater with alpine design made with mohair or a pair of cable knit socks using dpns and sock yarn with silk and alpaca - knit on during Opening Ceremonies; knit off by Closing Ceremonies! Heck, I finished the pictured wound warmer DURING the Opening Ceremonies telecast -- cast on and off in one night - so where's the challenge in that!! I couldn't figure out how to officially sign up anyway! So - I am an exhibitionist - an exhibitionist Knifty Knitter, that is!

I will go for quality as well as quantity. My scale is small - no big ticket items... just a great number of small things! My yarn will by 100% acrylic (mostly) and worsted weight (mostly) or Lion Brand(R) machine washable Wool-Ease® (if I can find some more, reasonably priced and local!!!) I shall learn. I shall strive. I shall try to move on to "real" knitting. Maybe. But then again. May be knot! :)

GO Croch.., um, Knifty Knitting!! GO USA!!!!

May the best knitter win!


Dorothy said...

Hi Kathleen, nice to see you blogging!
the projects look great, and definitely keeping with the spirit of the games.

Melinda said...

Awww, I love the little crocheted booties. They're darling. I think a zillion projects, especially for other people, is entirely in the Olympic spirit.

Dorothy said...

Kathleen, I got the blogger bug. To see my knitting and more, just follow the link to my profile and blog. Looking forward to seeing your photos. What exactly do you mean about little green martians... can't wait to find out.

Carla said...

I love the little crochet booties. I can crochet but have a very difficult time following crocheting patterns. Is this one hard to do? I really want to make some to go with the little hats I did for a friened. Can you steer me in the right direction to the pattern or any tips? Thank you,