Thursday, February 23, 2006

No broken backs or twisted ankles, but a slow down nonetheless!

As the weekend approaches, I must admit I have fallen behind in my quest for 23 crocheted or loomed items by the Closing Ceremonies in Torino!

( I hope that means the TELEVISED version and not the actual Closing Ceremonies... given the time difference and all! )

I have not given up hope... all is not lost! My son got free lift tickets to go to Ski Liberty with his friend on Sunday. Well, his friend got the free lift tickets provided I could provide transportation. Have bag of yarn, looms and hooks, will travel! I plan to crank out the rest of the booties and a couple of hats and slide to the finish in Golden Glory!

Now, while I have fallen behind in the Olympic event, I have been practicing my craft with a non-Olympic baby blanket. Unlike those athletic Olympic Team members that got injured by participating in non-Olympic sports and may be out of the running for medals - I was not injured and may be able to make up lost time. All for a good cause, too! My non-Olympic event is a simply lovely, delicate shell/trellis afghan for my friend's new baby girl. Had my friend had a boy, there would have been no sidetrack, at least not a very LONG sidetrack. I have a completed, except for border, turquoise shell afghan more appropriate for a boy child! Ah, well, her world is now a prettier place and the afghan will be finished tonight - or early tomorrow evening - then back to my Olympic event!

Other non-Olympic, non-Yarn activities took me away from my Olympic Dreams as well. My mom will be 70 this year. My sister and I are planning a party. My sister lives 800 miles from me. My mom lives in my house (except when she is a snowbird in FL, as she is right now). So, I have the addresses and contact information for all the family and friends. The invitations were mailed this morning. NO crocheting or looming was accomplished yesterday - except for the 1/2 an hour I waited for my younger son's bass guitar lessons to be finished - as I prepared said invitations. I have a few more to send tomorrow, but the bulk went out today. I now have a break in PARTY Planning until next week when the Clean-Up Countdown commences!

Sorry, no pictures today. Back to work!


Dorothy said...

You were surprised and had to make a more girly blanket; I imagine that the parents are even more surprised?! A good motto for parenthood: expect the unexpected.

Glad to see you are on track for the finish line. I'm not as stressed or as far behind as the yarn harlot seems to be, but I am not nearly as speedy a knitter either. back to the needles...

Melinda said...

How'd the combined knitting/ski trip work out (hey, it's like a biathalon!)?

Go, Kathleen! You can do it! Wooooooo!