Thursday, February 16, 2006

A new look for a new day!

I wanted to try a new background with a larger space to display the pictures and things... hope you like the new look. It is, after all, a new day! Well, it is a new NIGHT anyway!

Last night, as I tried to sleep and couldn't, I decided to try out my new 'preemie' loom. I have preemie in quotes because this little sock thing is NOT preemie!! Let us compare:

A Newborn Sock/Bootie, crocheted!
I crocheted a newborn bootie from a pattern that was coming out too large for some of my friends and this is what I got. Notice that the foot is about 3.5 inches long.

Then, I got my Preemie looms from CinDWoodsCrafts and made a 'preemie' sock, followed the pattern almost exactly - I say almost because the pattern called for 20 rows from the heel to the toe and I stopped at 15!

A Preemie Sock/Bootie, loom knitted!

Some of you may recognize this measuring tool... it is a knitting needle guide that I won,
ironically, as the fastest crocheter at my local Michael's store! :)

The inch measurements are harder to see on this white rule (the old brown ruler grew legs and walked away from my desk!) but they go up to five inches. Now, from the toe to the bend in the heel, this 'preemie' sock is 4 inches and probably a bit more when actually on a foot as this stuff stretches! So, had I gone the whole pattern, my little 5" measure would not have been enough and if this is a preemie sock, I am a little green Martian... and, while I trace my roots back to the green, green grass of Ireland, I am neither green nor small!

So, I shall make another sock this same size and some large footed babe will benefit. Then, I will have to experiment with lighter weight yarn to see if I can't bring this down to size!

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Dorothy said...

Kathleen, the little booties are cute, even if they aren't the right size for a preemie. I gotta figure out how to do more things with my blog also, how in the world will I get my gold medal button up? I have no idea. And I have a degree in computer science, lol.

Did you know there's a Team Hooker in the KO? For crocheters who knit. And there's one for loom knitters, but I don't know if they have a cool name.

so what do your kids think of you blogging :) Zach already announced that he is NOT letting any of his friends find out. I think that's partly because he doesn't want certain people to know he is knitting.