Sunday, February 12, 2006

Our First Snow... 2006

We had our first snow storm... Weather guys predicted 12 inches for my little neck of the woods. Thankfully, they were wrong!

We did get a fair amount, about five inches, of that good, thick, heavy, snowman-making snow. The kind that sticks to the trees and makes a picture-perfect, winter wonderland landscape - frosted with clean, white, glistening snow...

Our landscape is slightly marred by a this poor dying pine tree. Though, I think this is a pretty cool picture of it! This is a pre-plowed picture, taking in the pristine beauty of snow unsullied by foot prints, huges trucks or snow angels!

Brian wants to go snowboarding - not quite enough for that here and no way am I driving to the areas that might have enough because they got more than the 12 inches we were supposed to get!!! Both of my guys are hoping that school is cancelled for Monday - and it probably will be!

Well, best get to cleaning... and finding the snow rugs... and baking up some Toll House cookies (a snow day tradition)... so I can settle in with my knitting and crocheting when the Prime-Time Olympics coverage starts!

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MP said...

beautiful picture.

thanks for sharing your blog