Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Slow and steady...

...wins the race, right? Well, I hope so, because my Drop program has run into some serious snags.

I have made a bit of progress, though pictures wouldn't prove it - so I didn't take any! My two starting areas - walk-in closet and yarn corner - are thinning slowly. Several bags/boxes of ungivable stuff have been made ready for the dump. Several bags of donatables are started. Piles of like items to be culled and consolidated and properly placed are appearing on the landing.

This will be a marathon. I mustn't lose sight of that this early in.

Snag 1: The weather got HOT (well, HOT for January 74 - 75 degrees) and I don't do well with HOT and small places and who wants to turn the A/C on in January???

Snag 2: Both of my sons needed doctor care. 4 hours with one took Monday evening (meds, doctor's note, home to Baltimore for him). 2 hours with the other took Tuesday (meds, three days out of school, little sleep last night). Got a lot of knitting done. Finished a hat. Not a lot of cleaning up!

Snag 3: credit unions, banks, certified checks, refinance closing. Suffice to say it took time and thinking power and, again, not much in the Drop program was accomplished.

All the snags should be finished by this evening (sons are on the mend, closing is at 6:30) and new plans can take shape. Mom will be heading to Florida sometime next week - which will give me a few extra rooms to use as sorting/staging areas.

My goal: to be finished with the upstairs areas before she returns in March. This goal will allow for more 'snag time' - because you never know when the snag will get you!

As noted above, I have finished a hat. I need to weave in some ends, take a picture and send it off. Picture posting soon! Promise!


Booktender said...

Came across a fun book give-away site today. I've looked at this off and on for years and it's good for a few moments of online contemplation.

Robbyn said...

Keep your head up kiddo :) It doesn't matter if it takes you a while to get there - as long as you get there :)

Now, let's see that hat!

Rosie said...

Wow! Hope all the snags are gone now. How are the kids doing?