Sunday, January 27, 2008

ABC Along - B is for...

Baby baptismal blanket
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a boy's baptismal blanket, featuring the Blessed Mother.

At Jesus Divine Word Catholic Church, a parishioner began a ministry to make prayer shawls and baptismal blankets. The shawls are available for the Pastor and others to bring to those in need of the comfort such a gift can bring.

The Baptismal Blankets are used as the white garment placed on babies during baptism, symbolic of putting on Christ. These blankets are smaller than a baby afghan might be, but beautiful in their symbolism. About 20" square, a pink or blue ribbon is woven through the edge and tied at one corner. A Miraculous Medal is tied to the blanket as well.

I heard our Pastor was skeptical at first, but they have been well received by the families bringing their babies to be baptized in our Parish.


Booktender said...

oooh! I like this project too! I'm not Catholic so I have to ask: is this a requirement or just downright nice?

I'm getting burned out on healing shawls. This would make a nice change of pace. Do you suppose my local parish would accept them?

Is that one made of regular cotton?

Robbyn said...

What a lovely idea, Kathleen - and what a pretty blanket. I can't imagine anyone would be less than thrilled by it!