Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Steppin' Out

The Shoes
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My baby boy (all 16 yo, 6'4" of him!) will be attending his first prom, wearing his first tuxedo, riding in his first limousine... what a bunch of firsts!

But first - we went shopping to rent the proper raiment. All the way to the store, he and his buddy were planning extravagant, lavish, totally inappropriate mixes of color and substance! :)

One theme kept repeating:

Son: "I want to wear bowling shoes"

Me (and buddy's mom): "Um.... no!"

Upon entering the store, son sees the shoe display and points - "That's what I want to wear!"

The shoes on the left are the 'bowling' shoes he meant... and he'll be wearing them.

Totally a better choice than the bright green sport shoes with pink Power Puff Girls shoe laces he wore to homecoming one year.

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Karen said...

Those are some snazzy looking shoes. Hope he has a great time!