Monday, March 26, 2007

It's a scarf (TBF)*

YOK2tog scarf 2
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I am participating in the International Scarf Exchange 4. This is the beginning of the scarf I am knitting to send off into the great wide world to land on some lucky knitter's neck!

Beautiful yarn (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran; colors 300101 & 17005). Basic, yet elegant stitch pattern (Cast on an even number of stitches, knit one row, then K1 (yo, knit 2tog) to the end, K1 - on each row until it is as long as you'd like, knit all on the last row, bind off. fringe optional!). US Size 15 Lantern Moon straights.

Should be simply. However, on my first attempt, I had knit the scarf to about six inches in length and dropped a stitch. I couldn't figure out how to pick up or knit back and have the proper orientation and proper number of stitches. I thought I had done it - but three rows later... the flaw was too obvious. So, I frogged it.

This is the second time... off the frame in the upper right corner is the offending area - you can't see it. You don't want to see it! So this attempt will be frogged too.

I should set a schedule - no more than five inches each time I sit down to knit because I can't seem to recover from a dropped stitch using this YOK2tog pattern and I apparently lose all ability to concentrate on this simple pattern at some short point after five inches of knitting!

Good thing I have time! I shall soldier on and have this on it's way - in the Mary Poppins-like tradition of practically perfect - in plenty of time to meet the deadline.

* to be frogged.

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