Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Sock - Done!

First Full Sock - view 3
Originally uploaded by radarkaty.

Austermann Step - Color 04; Size US2 DPNs

Basic pattern from Knitting Rules!

What I need to try with Sock 2: cast on fewer stitches, do the correct heel increases (forgot the plain knit every even row on this one), try another "pick and knit" on the heel to try to eliminate holes.

I'm pretty pleased with this result. I kitchenered GREAT! The stitches are fairly even and my needle join ladders are minimal. It's just a little bigger than I needed to make it, regardless of my fat calves! :)

Now, on to sock 2, with a shorter cast on...


Robbyn said...

Kathleen - your sock looks great! Wonderful colors too :) Isn't it amazing how the second sock adapts to what you kearned from making the first one? LOL!

Dipsy said...

That's a truly gorgeous sock! Austermann has such beautiful sock yarns, and this one is particularly great! Happy knitting on sock #2!