Saturday, February 10, 2007

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog...

for a trip to Liberty Mountain (though I've been told by out-of-towners it is merely a hill).

I've packed a bag of knitting, crocheting and reading. I'll be spending the day in the "Lodge" (which is really just a glorified, over-priced cafeteria) while my son and his friend snowboard.

I'll be back on Sunday with pictures of my Final Secret Pal gift; progress on my seriatim; pictures of my first Kitchenered toe; and more...

I'm trying to get into the sock knitting thing, but I'm having a hard time with needled sizes under US3. Today, with said US3s, I finished the first sock of the second pair I have ever made - toddler sized. I sort of made up the pattern to match a hat (mock cable on the leg), but borrowed the heel and toe construction steps from a book on baby hats and socks. AND I Kitchenered the toe - first time ever!! And it looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

I'll have no Internet access on Saturday, so I hope to have a fabulous update on Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend. Stay warm, if you are in the 'colder than normal' areas of the World... we seem to swing between record High Temps and record Low Temps around here. Would be nice to hit a happy medium!


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Susan said...

Another Susan here. I saw your post over at Ann's (from the cornfield) and was excited to *meet* someone else doing the mystery sock. I did fine until I got to the yo/ssk part and had to tink a few times when I lost the yo LOL. But I'm caught up now. Hope you had a great time at the lodge!