Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Sometimes, a little bit of ice is worse that a lot a bit of snow! Since last week the weather folks have been predicting snow, winter weather, snow... Well, we got iced.

Schools are out today - but they didn't decide until after 4:45 AM. The weather folks kept saying it was going to get above freezing (it did not) and change to rain (it did not) by early morning. Unscheduled leave, late arrival for work. Also not announced until after 4:45 AM, see weather note above!

All this icing - which I know could have been much worse, but is bad enough as it is - makes for perfect posting. Nature provides the gray and white; post and paper boxes add a bit of white and blue...

And, more knitting on the seriatim socks from Susan. I decided to start the second sock from the outside of my yarn cake. That way, if I run out (and I may not!), the toes could be the same color. This picture was taken earlier today - before I had car knitting time while my son drove us to the Mall. After car knitting, the socks are the same length, and it looks like I may have enough to do the entire pair in this blue, hand-dyed "montana" wool!

Susan suggested I move the first sock to waste yarn, instead of buying another set of DPNs, if I wanted to start sock #2. I appreciated the suggestion, but was going to buy another set anyway. However, I couldn't find a store that sold them this past weekend. I tried some waste yarn when doing the gusset and didn't really care for that option, so I am using my US5 straights, holding 20 stitches on each, while I start sock #2 with my US5 DPNs. I do not own any fancy sock blockers - this being my first pair of adult socks, so I improvised. I saw this suggested on another blog (which I don't remember right off hand, but will edit to include when I track it down!). I happened to have a few coated, metal hangers, so I bent one into a sock shape to model!


Dorothy said...

Your socks look great. I also didn't have extra DPNs of the right size, but I just used smaller DPNs to hold the sock not being worked on. I'll also have to try that coat-hanger suggestion.

Waste yarn can be a pain, I also will avoid, but when you need to use waste yarn, try unwaxed dental floss. That glide stuff with teflon that I hate for actual flossing is good.

as for the reunion planning, I am easy, next fall will be fine by me.

Ann said...

I didn't get in on this knitalong, but it looks like fun.. Lovely blue socks.

Birdsong said...

I love the color of your socks, and can't wait to see them finished. Just getting ready to start this pattern myself.

Dorothy said...

Ice does make for beautiful pictures.