Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday, as promised, mostly.

I had intended to post pictures of my seriatim sock -- but I didn't take any. I got as far as I should have and it is looking great. Please see previous posts for other pictures. (that's the 'mostly' in the title!)

I tried to do a 'flickr' badge of my secret pal gifts, but blogger doesn't really like to put that in the post... rather as a page element to the side. So here you go, a series of pictures of my WONDERFUL SP9 gifts! Thanks, Kim!

A Valentine's themed package of goodies! My first Malabrigo, which I have read so much about and have never touched. It is beautifully soft wool! Di.vé in red. Rowan Felted Tweed in a flecked burgundy! Candy - some missing as they were consumed before I took this picture! and a tape measure...

Thank you, thank you!

And, last promise, a Kitchenered toe - if blogger permits.

This is the toe of a baby sock, that I made to go with a baby hat. I will make its mate this week. The set is destined for a local hospital or shelter. I hope I'll be able to stretch out a small blanket or an easy sweater to finish off the skein - Red Heart Baby Sport Super Saver size.


Dorothy said...

Your Kitchenered toe looks great. The sock looks perfect for a baby.

Your pal is awesome. The parcel is great.

Susan said...

Wow lots of wonderful goodies! What a great pal you have. I think you'll have to be my Kitchener hero. I have more trouble with that than about anything else. And, LOL, it takes me almost as long as knitting the sock.