Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blue (spectrum) Socks (woohoo!)

I put that Spectrum Project over there. I planned to participate fully. Feb 1 came and went and I posted nothing. I planned to immerse myself in the colors and the possibilities... So, what has looked interesting to me since Feb 1? Blue? Grey? Nay. Red, Purple, green!

Until today!

Today, I began the seriatim socks (not their real name, which, I understand, will be disclosed at the end of the series), being posted by Susan at I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can.

I did the cuff and the leg today. I must admit I did that first three rows of the leg FIVE times... but once I got it, I got it! :)

I am using some of my first hand-dyed yarn in SHADES OF BLUE!

(truest colors in this photo)

A new adventure - my first adult sized socks - and Project Spectrum worthy!

The colors are off in this picture - but the stitch definition is pretty cool so I posted it anyway.
The wool is a little lighter than worsted weight. I'm using using Size 5 DPNs. I did a swatch with size 6s and size 5s - pretty much got gauge with the 5s. Maybe a 1/4 of stitch more, but I don't have size 4s and I wanted to get started! :)
Can't wait for Friday when the Heel is revealed!
Come on! Join the fun!


Dianne said...

Your sock looks wonderful..very nice choice of yarn and color!! Can't wait for heel...Happy Knitting~~

Beth said...

Oooh - I like your yarn better than mine! Wonder if I should start over with something else?

donnac368 said...

Fantastic! I'm using Lion WoolEase, and while cheap, is definately not as lovely as yours. On to the gusset!