Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who knew?

Who knew laryngitis could be so painful? I thought I'd had it before - but I've never had this kind of pain in my throat - where it even hurt on the OUTSIDE of the larynx! So, I must have only ever lost my voice, called it laryngitis without actually ever having laryngitis. I think I would have remembered this level of pain!

Saw the doctor on Friday - diagnosis: Acute Sinusitis and Laryngitis. Prescriptions written and filled. I have been sleeping a lot. In between naps, I've been trying to knit the decreases on a hat. Every third row, I do something wrong. So, I have given up until the weariness left by the pain and the meds abates a bit more.

I think I'll be closer to normal tomorrow -- though no guarantee that anyone will be able to hear me speak by then. I'm still barely squeakin'!

I did finish my red scarf - Yea!! Pictures tomorrow - if the light cooperates. Or maybe even if it doesn't. I need to get it ready to send off. One of my resolutions intentions for 2007, "MAIL the things you make on time!" It seems I am often done before the deadline for any given cause, but fall down on the packaging and sending of items. I intend to improve this year!

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Anonymous said...

oh dear, sorry to hear you are sick. how irritatingly convenient eh? just after you planned a quiet, take-care-of-yourself long weekend? sigh. can't even take sick days for it. well at least you aren't throwing up. that's the virus I keep hearing about (but so far have avoided).