Monday, January 22, 2007

What I did on Sunday.

On Sunday, I ventured out of my comfort zone. With the full knowledge that snow followed by freezing drizzle may come out of the sky during the day and into the evening, I ventured to Mama-E's Dye Class.

I brought a few skeins of natural superwash wool in various weights - about 24 oz. worth - which was split into 6 individual 4 oz skeins.

I painted with kool-aid. (light blues and greens)

I squirted Wilton's based colors. (bubble gum pink, purple and blue)

Then, acid dyes - 4 oz. skein with Turquoise and Royal Blue (wish I had done more of this!); 4 oz. skein with Mahogany and Paprika; and 8 oz. (2 - 4 oz skeins) in shades of green (Shamrock and Dark Meadow) with a touch of Saffron.

All hanging here on the étagère drying. I'll take better pictures of the individual hanks when they are dry and I can hank 'em up!
This was a great learning experience. I'm not sure I'm ready to start up a dye shop in my house, but I had a lot of fun and would definitely do this again.
I highly recommend Mama-E's class to everyone interested in learning more about the dye process. The small class size allows for hands on instruction, guidance, encouragement! Thanks, Mama-E!
Keep watching out for Mama-E's new classes. I understand she plans to offer these kinds of classes each month, and some others (I heard Dye 4 Socks with a follow on class to learn to knit the socks with your own hand-dyed yarn!)

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Dorothy said...

See, it's not that hard. They look good. And the acid dyes are not hard and work so much better, don't they. I haven't done any dyeing since summer --- nice to be able to paint outside and then to have the windows open while it simmers. I miss it.