Monday, January 22, 2007

Testing, testing

I am making a 'test-a-long' square for Larissa - using beautiful yarn from Cabin Cove Mercantile and Larissa's Knit-A-Long square pattern (designed by Shelley Mackie of Fun Knits) on size US2 DPNs.

I wanted progress pictures, but my camera has befuddled me (I can't find the directions, will continue looking) with my inability to take close-ups. Everything goes blurry.

When I bought this camera (Canon Powershot S1IS) as my special treat in 2005. I researched and could have sworn I had picked out a camera that could take extreme close-ups. That was one of my requirements when searching.

Reading a lot of different blogs, I read about the "flower" setting on different cameras. My old camera had a flower (Kodak, though I never used the flower setting not really knowing what it was until now and having no need for close-ups then as I did not knit nor did I blog). My mom's new camera (Vivitar) has a flower setting. Alas, Canon has no such thing. At least MY Canon has no such thing.

Reading around the blogs today I clicked into a blog - SplitYarn - with a post about taking great pictures on the cheap (well, she doesn't call it cheap. That is my word, but essentially a few inexpensive items gives her BEAUTIFUL pictures!). She spoke about macro settings (that "flower" setting) and museum and custom settings. I looked at my camera and sure enough there was an M which, when selected, took excellent close-ups - no blurring. But I definitely have to work on the light situation! :)

(1) close-up without flash - too dark, but definitely not blurry!

(2) close-up with flash - bad color, all that purple is really dark brown - not blurry!

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