Tuesday, January 09, 2007

slow start

I feel like a turtle. I'm hoping that slow and steady does indeed win the race. Not that I'm racing or anything!

In the Spring, when the flowers are budding and grass is growing and trees are leafing, I get allergies. Congestion, sinus issues, scratchy-then 'sore to swallow' throat problems, sneezing, wheezing... not enough for allergy shots, but plenty to be uncomfortable.

WELL... Spring came to DC this past weekend. Record breaking HIGH temeprature of 73F. It is been very warm for weeks now and the grass is growing, the neighbors are MOWING!!! My throat feels like I swallowed sandpaper! :(

On top of that, I'm dealing with family issues that keep the stress at a pretty high level. I'm working on destressing, but with the general icky allergy feeling and the stress, I REALLY want to be the turtle, a box turtle, that could just crawl in my shell and hide!

Knitting is slow. My available knitting time is choppy. I find if I don't finish a repeat, or a row, or some equally logical place, I end up ripping it all out and starting again.... making the process just that much slower! I will finish my red scarf this week! However, all my other projects are "as slow as molasses going up a hill in January!"*

Good news - three day weekend with NO, and I mean nothing, nada, to do for anybody but me! So, I can clean and organize - if I want. I can sleep - if I want. I can sit around in my PJs and celebrate a delayed IPD (International Pajama Day)... I can knit, I can scrapbook, I can cook, I can do whatever my heart desires! At least, that is what is looks like today! :) Now, just hoping that the cooler, more seasonal weather that has arrived in our area stays for a while and puts all my allergans to sleep so I can feel better!

* A favorite quote from Sr. Eileen Patrice, circa. 1969!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better and less stressed soon.

lorinda said...

Feel better soon and enjoy your IPD! We've had crazy weather in Chicago, too.

Ann said...

I am issuing you a prescription for a little mindless knitting for a few days....