Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday (Un)Sky...

I never did get out of the kitchen today to do the Saturday Sky thing...

We started with part(l)y cloudy skies and then just to the party.

Our annual Open House and (crab feast) Pool Party was held today. Slim (we all wish we ACTUALLY were slim) attendance but fun for all.

I put crab feast in parens because, well, I wasn't going to do the crabs today... but I put out an "if you want crabs, let me know AND contribute to the cost" kind of invitation... so we had the crabs, too.

I tried out new Pampered Chef recipes and new Pampered Chef tools and had a great ol' time in the kitchen.

No fiber work. Just house work and fun with friends... I'll leave you with a different LAST Saturday Sky picture.

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