Monday, August 07, 2006

Aggravation(s) and New Tires, and an almost-FO

Aggravation No. 1: Comcast Hi-Speed Internet has been intermittent for more than three weeks. Tech personnel visit NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!! is scheduled for Wednesday - between 1 and 5 PM. I took off work for visit No. 1. My Mother was home for visit No. 2. My son (thank the Lord!) is 18, summer school ends Tuesday, so he can be here for visit No. 3 -- alternatives to Comcast are close to nil, unless I want to go back to AOL dial-up at 26k or less (that is what is available "down in the boondocks".)

Aggravation No. 2: After work on Thursday, I discovered my right front tire was flat. Had to cancel an appointment (not a big deal). Called AAA - they came in less than 1/2 hour. Added some air and suggested that I go across the way to Mr. Tire and get new tires (I needed them anyway, again, no big deal). THREE hours (slightly aggravating) and $755 later I have four brand, spanking new tires. YAY... now for the aggravation part... Saturday, shopping with mom, come out to the car ready to head on home - left rear tire, flat as a pancake at 4:20 PM on a Saturday. 40 minutes from the Mr. Tire store which closes at 6 PM. However, AAA says they will arrive "within 2 hours!"

Aggravated Customer (aka AC aka Me) calling the tire store after calling AAA: Hello, Assistant Manager that waited on me on Thursday,* one of my brand new tires is flat. How late are you open? (*name omitted to shield the guilty! :))

AM: Until 5 PM (n.b. really 6 pm but last appt is 5 PM).

AC: You are open Sunday, aren't you?

AM: Yes, we open at 9 AM.

AC: Great. I'll be there!

AC arrives at Mr. Tire on Sunday to find the Manager manning the front desk with no other help and 7 people in front of me. AM did not note that I would be arriving on Sunday, so I had no appointment. Manager says, "I can guarantee it today, but it may be six hours or more (emphasis mine).

AC: Six hours to fix/replace a tire that I bought from you on Thursday.

Manager: It'll be free, but I fired someone yesterday and someone else quit .... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... and you don't have an appointment.

AC: Okay, can I make an appointmnet for tomorrow? 8:30 AM?

Manager: Oh, Yes. Thank you.

Monday morning arrives. AC arrives at the store at 8:30... still fourth in line. Two hours later another new tire is on the car and I am free to go. Seems the first new tire had a hole in the side wall "unrepairable, so I put a new tire on" -- you better had put a new tire on!!!! I certainly didn't want a 'repaired' new tire on day three!

AFO (Almost-finished object!):

MDK Kimono:

Needs some finishing touches, so it won't make it to the shower tomorrow. Hopefully, it will make it to the Mom before the Baby arrives! (Due Date: August 31)

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