Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It is Wednesday

Not much to say. Not much going on.

We do have significantly cooler temperatures this week! YAY!!! Though I still don't have the Oomph to do much. Boo. :(

I have that almost-finshed object to finish.

Carpet cleaners come tomorrow - which means I get the lovely task of rounding up the people that live in my house (mostly my two boys) and getting their help to eliminate all unnecessary clutter, bric-a-brac, etc. in the two rooms being cleaned AND to vacuum - deeply, completely - the entire area. I am so not looking forward to this evening!

Cable guy is coming again (third time's the charm?) today. If the problem isn't cured, I may switch to Verizon DSL for a year and see how that goes. I believe it now reaches me out in the boonies and they are running a special in my area would which would save me about $240 a year over the cost of cable!

I am working on one object - a 'Seed Stitch Rib Hat for Children' from Knitting on the Net. I have a beautiful Peacock blue Patons Classic Wool merino (instead of the 220 Quattro Cascade listed in the pattern) on US8 circulars. It is working up fast and easy (of course, I haven't gotten to the decreases yet!). Here is a not-so-great picture (using my camera phone) of my progress so far.

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