Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Birthday Adventures!

Besides changing my looks (I've been told that hair cut was "Drastic"!), I treated myself to a concert at the Calvert Marine Museum's Waterside Concert Series.

The Marine Museum has a light house. This picture shows the lovely sun, with its rainwashed color, reflecting on the lighthouse, following tremendous thunderstorms that had rolled through just an hour before the gates were to open! The rain came and went before the concert started and that was a VERY GOOD THING!

Light House at the Calvert Marine Museum

Trace Adkins was performing on Sunday, May 14, 2006. I am a member of the Museum, thus had the chance to pre-order my ticket - which turned out to be in the third row!

Check out this Third Row view.

Third Row View

And I could get this shot:

What a great smile!

And this one:

Trace with the Guitar

And this one - singing "Arlington":

Singing Arlington with great respect

And one more:

The show was tremendous. I am so glad I went. What made it even better? The two people that should have been sitting next to me must have decided the rain was too much and they stayed home! I had LOTS of room to stand and take pictures and not be in anybody's way!

(sorry about the odd picture arrangement - it looked great on PREVIEW!)

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Cat B said...

What great pictures.. I'm jealous would have loved to joined you.