Thursday, May 11, 2006

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

I had the night off from chauffeur duties! YAY!

I am so glad because (a) a nasty old Thunderstorm was right overhead at the time I would have been driving;

(b) There is something wrong with me causing joint weakness and low grade fever to build up during the day - goes away upon resting all night and starts to build up again during the day. I go to the doctor on Monday and hopefully he can help me figure this out - it is just awful; and

(3) I got to watch some country music videos - before my son realized "My Name Is Earl" was on! :)


Projects Progress:

I frogged my first attempt at a hat (for Dulaan) and started again. I'm doing much better the second time around. I was even able to make a little center pull ball (skein? cake?) of the frogged yarn to make it easier to reuse! (Yay me!) Now, if I could just remember that counter-clockwise thing when I'm purling. No problem on the knit stitches. But I really have to concentrate on the purls!

I bought 9-in size 11 needles (instead of 14-in size 11 needles :)) for the lovely scarf in greens. I will transfer tomorrow and continue on!

I'm holding a Help Whip Cancer® Pampered Chef® fundraiser on May 21 and the last batch of mail is going out in the morning.

My pool gets opened on Monday - we have to pray the weather clears so I can finish cleaning up and filling it before the company arrives to set me up!


No pictures - sorry - been too tired to deal with them.

See ya next time!

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Dorothy said...

fourteen inches! no wonder you were having trouble. overall, expect to frog about as much as you knit for a while. the ratio gets better, they tell me :)

I miss thunderstorms but I do not miss having to drive through one.

how'd you make your center-pull ball? with a toilet paper tube? that's what I use.