Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First FOs in Knitting!

Full Hat

My first hat. I finished knitting this about a week ago, but I actually FINISHED it tonight. Took it off the needle. Gathered the top. Sewed the seam. Wet it a bit to block it a bit. It is drying on a 12 oz. frozen whipped cream bowl. I couldn't find anything else that would be 'little kid' size in my home of the giants. The colors are a bit less bright in real life. It is made with Wool-Ease and is soft and warm. I intend to send it to F.I.R.E. for the Dulaan Project. I have two crocheted hats and hope to finish another before the mailing deadline. We'll have to see how that goes!
Side View Hat

The hat was interesting to knit. I think the variegated yarn would have striped more evenly if this hat were knit in the round. When I learn to do that, I'm going to try this pattern that way and see what happens.

In the meantime, I need to try another pattern and/or yarn/fiber and see what turns out!

Mason Dixon strikes! This my first Warshcloth. It may be my last. I felt like I was just trying to get through to get through... I was not feeling the JOY of Warshcloths. I really have a time remembering that counter-clockwise thing when I'm purling. The warshcloth is forgiving of that, so when I need reminding, it'll make good practice! :) And, when I goof up, I won't have to fix it. After all, it's just a warshrag!

Side View Cloth

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Dorothy said...

Congratulations on becoming a knitter! That hat is cute. and knitting in the round --- so easy. in fact, you can knit the whole thing in stockinette without ever doing a purl!

and your warshrag is cute. yes, it is hard to remember when to purl and how to move the yarn for the slip, but you did it! just wait til you use it. I even scrubbed underneath my fridge with one!