Saturday, May 27, 2006

I lied. Well, just a little fib!

I mentioned in my last post that I would probably not make another Warshrag.

I lied.

I cast on the next morning. This pattern is good "bus knitting" because I don't have to think about it or follow a pattern or chart. Well, I almost don't have to think about it -- I DO have to think about the counter-clockwise yarn over when I purl - which is one of the reasons I cast on Warshrag #2. Practice! Practice! Practice!

I have four more inches of the green scarf done. I replaced my 14" metal needles with shorter, bamboo needles and they are working GREAT!! My tension is better. My wobbly sides are better. The knitting doesn't feel so awkward.

I may be a Knitter yet!

Pictures later... Chauffeur Mom is tired tonight!

My almost-16 year old lamented all the way to his job and all the way home "I wish I had my license so I could drive!" I secretly wish it were so, too! But, alas, given the current laws and rules and regulations, he'll not be a solo driver until Christmas.

My almost-18 year old (NEXT THURSDAY!) doesn't drive either, because I haven't trusted him to become a driver. He is getting better and more responsible. But, the time frame is the same for him, given the current laws, rules and regulations! :(

(I lied again... I said pictures later and, while this is later, it isn't MUCH later! I am waiting up for #1 son to return from a party and took these!)

Warshrag #2

SkyBlue & Lemonade/Limeade Sherbert, Bernat Cot'n Soft.

Green Scarf

and my Green Scarf!

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Dorothy said...

I think I understand your purl direction issue, I also had trouble remembering it, somehow counterclockwise just feels wrong when you do it. but it comes in time.

you want a new challenge to bend the brain? instead of purling a whole row, try to keep right side facing and knit backwards. just keep imagining that someone is facing you --- to them the needles will look just like purling. and the wrap still looks counterclockwise to you.

if I am simply purling back the whole row, I find it much easier to do this. but I can't do anything else backwards.