Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I know you've been coming to see me...

and I've not been here. Here's what I've been doing!!

I celebrated my birthday last weekend. I went to the beauty shop and there I had my stylist crop my mane. I had thick, long hair - many people were envious. I was hot! Summer is a-comin' and I needed relief!!!

So now I have think SHORT hair! Really short, but just what I wanted! I just have to take time to do these cute little turn unders with the curling iron and so it will not revert to my normal slightly fuzzy, fairly straight do!

We saved a pony tail for Locks of Love - I'll be sending that off as soon as it is dry (it was washed on Saturday morning and still felt damp yesterday morning... didn't try it today).

I have also been knitting. I mostly finished a wool hat - just need to sew up a seam and do a little blocking. It is looking very cute. I have started a MDK Warshrag and that is coming out really, really cute - though cotton is kind of painful to knit with, being so much stiffer than wool. Hopefully, I'll have pictures of these by the end of the week!

See ya next time!

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

I love the short sassy look! congrats on the new do.