Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'tis a puzzlement

I want to know why the pictures of my sweater are not gargatuan when you click them, but the ones in my SCARF! post are HUGE! I took them with the same camera and uploaded them directly from the compact flash card. No intervening steps, like PictureIt! (which I usually use to make pictures "web ready" and thereby smaller).

'tis a puzzlement.

Well the sweater is almost done - have 1/2 a sleeve and 2/3 a sleeve to finish. One more body row of k1p1 ribbing in the main color and then stretchy bind off of the body. But I want to do a stretchy bind off experiment with the sleeves first (Momma didn't raise no dummies! Sleeves are smaller for experimentation than almost 200 stitches on a body!) So, I'll be sleeving on the trip home and through Criminal Minds tonight.

[will insert Pictures here later]

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