Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sweater is almost done...

Finished side
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This is the 'finished side' except for some ends to be woven in. One more sleeve and my FIRST sweater will be complete! WooHoo. Click on the picture to be taken to Flickr and you can see the rest.

I was traveling with my son - taking him on college visits - and we had about 3 hours of down time last night...

I brought some of my knitting reference books with me because I was at the end of one sleeve and the body of the little sweater. It was getting difficult to maneuver yarn attached in two places waiting for a bind off decision.

I have EZ's Opinionated Knitter - which did not contain the directions for her sewn bind off. At least I couldn't find it in the book. That bind off had been suggested, but I did find a statement that the sewn bind off was not good for k1p1 ribbing. This sweater has k1p1 ribbing on the neck, sleeves and body 'cuff'.

I had The Knitting Answer book with me as well. Flipping through the bind off section I saw that Tubular bind off was considered best for k1p1 ribbing bind-off. Taking their word for it, I followed their clear directions and THEY WERE RIGHT! It was sort of like kitchenering a straight edge - but it worked and it really moved right along.

No longer in fear of a non-stretch bind off for top down sweaters!! :)


omly said...

I actually use the sewn bind off with a 1X1 rib regularly and have had good success.

Robbyn said...

That's terrific Kathleen - and the sweater looks pretty spiffy too!

I haven't tried the sewn bind-off, but I keep meaning too as it sounds pretty good.

Dorothy said...

Looks great! I haven't gotten the nerve yet to finish my first sweater.