Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pictureless catching up post

I had a marvelous time in Vegas. I'll post pictures soon. I have to crop and resize and such and haven't the energy right now.

I received my ISE4 scarves and some goodies from a lovely knitter in Australia! I need to get some batteries... they died in the camera in Vegas and I haven't been to the store yet this week. Pictures when I do!

I've been knitting gifts for my SP10 pal and for me and for me! :) Plus planning some Magic 28s for Dulaan and some hats too. I might just make a Magic 28 pair tonight. I'm at the fixing and figuring stage of my other three projects... mindless, mini socks might be a good idea tonight!

Today's plan - Gardening. I was getting my garden ready. It's the first weekend I've been home in a long time without freezing temps, weird snow or rain. Mom and I bought some plants (perennials and annuals) from the High School Band Plant Sale today. We are planning a riot of color and texture in the garden area my son was tilling.

It started out lovely - 70F or so. Older son was tilling one side and I was Clawing the other.

On my side, I planted sunflower seeds between growing Hostas; put our little cages around the peonies so the blossoms won't kiss the mud when they bloom; and scattered some Touch-Me-Not seeds.

My son had finished tilling and was mixing in good soil with our lovely (not!) clay soil. It was just about ready for me to plant the plants we bought.

... then it started to rain. :(

I had noticed it starting to cool down and was hoping it wouldn't rain until I got the plants in. No such luck.

We got the garden tools stowed, came inside and ordered pizza. Later, I checked the Weather Bug on my computer. It had dropped more than 20 degrees in about three hours -- from over 70F when we started to 50F at 5 PM.

According to, it was not supposed to rain today. The weather forecast called for partly cloudy in the afternoon with rain tomorrow. Here's hoping they'll be wrong about tomorrow too, so we can finish planting.


Ann said...

All week they said today would be warm and was warm and rainy instead...

Sending sunshine vibes your way!

Robbyn said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip and a good time.

And it's nice to have you nack :)

Dorothy said...

We'll take some of your rain off your hands.

Glad you had such a good time in Vegas