Monday, May 28, 2007

4 Magic Sock pairs

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Well, two completed pairs and two singletons with number 2 on the needles.

These were made following Norma's Magic 28 pattern, basically. There are a few little differences because I can't count. One could be a Magic 29 plus 4, for example, the long-footed purple sock - 29 rows on the leg, about 33 on the foot! I didn't have the pattern handy and couldn't remember where to start the foot row count - gusset pick up or end of decreases. I guessed wrong... but I decided not to rip back. Last night I finished the second one to match!

The Green and Yellow sock will have a Yellow and Green mate and be fraternal rather than identical. I was leary, but the second sock is on the foot rounds and looks pretty good. I was shy about 25 yards of green to make identical socks.

The legs have a couple of variations: the all green sock leg is stockinette after a k1, p1 cuff; the small purple and the fraternal pair both have a k2, p2 cuff with a k2, p2 for two rows, the p2, k2 for two rows leg; long-foot purple has a k1, p1 cuff with a k3, p1 leg; and they all have stockinette feet, except the small purple where I carried the leg pattern down.

It's been fun. With the 7 hats and 1 pair of mittens, this makes 12 items for Dulaan. Now, I'll move onto Garments of Grace for our Church project and do a few Christening blankets.


Annie asked about the yarn stats:

Purple is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, size US6 DPNs
Green is Cascade 220, yellow is Plymouth Encore, size US5 DPNs.


Dorothy said...

Wow, you've been busy!

Annie said...

Ditto, dorothy -- you are really prolific. The yarn is worsted, I believe, but what "flavor"? **grin** That's a lot of knitting there, missy!

Ann said...

I really have enjoyed the pattern. I have some yarn packed to make some more on vacation...

Very pretty!