Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of Swaps and Exchanges and Fundraising...

Mother's Day was also my 48th Birthday this year. Happens that way periodically.

My SP10 pal sent me presents - timed to arrive for the celebration. Amazon did not forsake her and I received my gifts in plenty of time! Two GREAT books to add to my collection...

Stephanie's is already read! Ann Budd's will come in VERY HANDY!

I already received my ISE4 presents... My creation(s) are just about ready to mail.

I'm also gathering the goodies for my final SP10 box to send out...

I have international pals for both and the goodies take a while to get where they are going. My plan is to have everything done by Memorial Day (May 27) so that I can begin my summer season without worry of missing deadlines and such.



Claudia's MS Ride -- her ride is June 23 150 miles!!! Donate to this great cause and you'll be in the running for some great prizes!

Dorothy is participating in the Relay for Life in Canada and has her fundraising site up and operational. She has set a personal goal of $2000. Her husband thinks that goal is too lofty. Let's show him the power of the blog world and help Dorothy meet her goal. Oh, there are prizes too! :)

I thought there was another -- I'll be back with details when I find it! :)

Oh, if you like Pampered Chef, there is an American Cancer Society fundraiser going on at my house this month. You can drop me a line (chefkc at comcast dot net) and I'll send you a link - $1 for every pink product sold and up to 25% of the sales are donated to ACS Breast Cancer Education and Research.

Check out my sidebar for some great places to donate knitted and crocheted goods. More to come.

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Julie McC. said...

Okay, this isn't a swap, exchange or fundraiser. It's a meme and you've been tagged.

You have to go to my blog to get the rules (that's one of the rules).