Monday, July 06, 2009


I want to deep clean and declutter. I want to unload unwanted stuff - either sell, donate or trash. First, I must figure out what I have, so that I can determine the appropriate categories.

To that end, I started to tackle the yarn corner. It is overrun with bags and Rubbermaid-style tubs and storage drawers and... well, you get the idea. No, I am not showing a picture! At least, not a picture of the corner. I did take a number of pictures of yarn. I decided to catalog what I have - pictures and ravelry stash update as I go along. I need new batteries in order to proceed. However, I was able to catalog a bit yesterday - before the batteries died.

Below is a collage containing a small sampling of what I found in the corner. Many, many, many... well, LOTS more to do!

My sister and a few hale and hearty young men are arriving next week to help me tackle the shed and the garage. No yarn (I hope!) in those locations, though pattern books and old magazines may well be found in the garage.


Until next time.


Knit Witch said...

I love cleaning - it feels so refreshing!

trek said...

That's a seriously huge amount of stuff if you now need to charge your camera batteries and you haven't finished the photo shoot.