Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eggs, hatchlings and the Olympics.

A bunch of folks at Ravelry are hooked on Dragon Cave and hatching dragons. I jumped in as well, for a little while. Reminds me of the Tamagotchi eggs my son used to play with 12 or so years ago!

Please click my eggs to help them hatch. (one click per unique IP address)

The eggs have been abandoned to be picked up and nutured by other Dragon Cave dwellers - thanks for playing along.

or Check out my scroll and see them all at once.

Each egg is a different, even though there are two blue ones. They must hatch in 7 days or they will never hatch. Once they are hatched, they are hatchlings for up to 7 days and then become dragons. Clicks and views and unique views all add up to each level some how. I'm too old to figure it out, since the 21 yo on the forum thinks he needs a walker! :)

Please click and help my dragons hatch!


Perhaps I shall have knitting news the next time you visit -- Ravelympics start on Friday - 8 PM Beijing time (which is 8 AM Kathleen time). I'll have to take breaks between events and I'll post my progress! I've entered 4 events with a total of 15 finishes in mind.

WIPs Wrestling includes two pairs of socks, a stole, my Irish Hiking Scarf and a pair of mittens. The stole will take the longest.

Afghan Marathon includes 2 put-together afghans for HAP and 20 rectangles.

Hat Dash will be four hats for HAP.

Mitten medley includes three pairs of mittens.

I will be representing Team Cellular Peptide Cake and Team Charity.

The countdown continues.

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Cindy said...

I'm dragon egg impaired. My apologies. I clicked but nothing happened.