Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Dragon Quest continues...

My Incubator/Scroll

My current Dragon Cave includes the eggs and hatchlings above. The object is to get people to visit my scroll and view my eggs and hatchlings so than can grow into Dragons that can breed and produce more eggs and hatchlings and so on and so on...

However, a new server was added/changed yesterday and many frustrations are setting in for the clickers and growers, as the site isn't loading well. There is fear that hatchlings will whither and eggs will die and RIP will appear in their places.

I hope you will overlook the site's growing pains to help grow my eggs! :) Or not. Your choice.


That was a complete distraction from the lack of photos and FOs.

I was working on sorting my basement this past weekend and have not gotten back to the knitting/crocheting groove.

The photos of the basement are too scary to share here... but my Flickr has a basement set if you are so inclined to see the mess of boxes accumulated over several years from several homes by several people. Time to PURGE. Anybody need ANY Christmas decorations? I venture to say up to a 1/3 of the STUFF in our basement is Christmas related, one way or another!

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Anonymous said...

K-I'm sluggish this I didn't get your package out.

Will post when the next one goes out, should be early next week!

Your SP 12