Monday, October 08, 2007

She Posts! On a MONDAY!

Today is the observance of Columbus Day -- so I have the day off, being a Federal employee. I'm usually enjoying an early autumn day of chopping down the summer flowers and greenery that have died, and getting the garden ready for mulching. However, today it was NINETY degrees F in Southern Maryland. 90, Nine Zero. Insanity.

I did get some things done. And did a few things I should have done during the summer - but it was too hot in July/August (after all it was summer time and 90 degrees! (Hahahahah -- Mother Nature, she laughs at me!)

The pool related things needed to be done today because, even though the high is still expected to be in the upper 80s this week, my pool is supposed to close tomorrow. It's hot work closing a pool in 90 degree weather. It turns out that the pool person would prefer to come on Thursday... so I have been given a reprieve and have taken it! I'll finish up the cleaning, putting away, finding of the closing stuff, etc. after work tomorrow and then I can drain the pool to below skimmer on Wednesday evening and hopefully avoid heat stroke.

On the knitting / crocheting front:

No new crocheting done. I finished Fetching:

I started a new hat - always have a hat on the needles!

I started Secret of the Stole, Hint 1 - got half way through Hint 1 yesterday, should finish tonight. Goes much faster then MS3 - because (1) I had never knit lace before MS3, so there was a learning curve and (2) I have fingering weight, rather than lace weight and it moves along much faster for some reason!

I continued on MS3.

In non-crafting news...

I'm getting over a nasty cold or a severe allergy attack or something nasty in the nose, throat and chest.

I'm preparing for my 30th High School Reunion. I'm co-chairing with a few other Alums. Event is Saturday. Lots to do!!

Hopefully I shall return on Wednesday and let you know Wazzup with me!

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Wendy said...

Tell me about this heat.......It is just as bad here in Michigan. But I woke up this morning and it is only 61 degrees and not suppose to be more than the low 70's.....Turned the air off, last night, after having it on for 3 days.