Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A little progress and little heat

Seems I might have the flu - or something. 100 - 102.6 temperature over a thirty hour period. body aches, headache, chills and shivers, lethargy. Fever seemed to break last night and is hovering at 99. I feel much better today, but I'm not over whatever it was.

I did finish Hint 2 of the Secret of the Stole:

Hint 2 complete. Now, on to Hint 3. If I finish Hint 4 (insert maniacal laughter) by Friday and post a picture, I could win a prize. That is so not going to happen! Hint 5 is released on Friday. I'm a little behind.

A close up of the beads. The yarn looks two-tone here. It is not. There is a blue pillow behind the white blanket. The flash acted as an x-ray and the dark of the blue shows through the blanket. I do believe, however, that the truer color of the yarn is the lower half of this photo.

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